This project is yet to be built.  The proposal is to better utilize a long narrow lot by attaching a new residence to the back of an existing single family residence.  At 1550 sq ft, the new unit is 1/3 smaller than the average new American house, but can be a comfortable home for a couple or small family.


The benefits to this approach are plenty.:

  • Existing utility services, roads, and driveway are being used
  • The location is pedestrian oriented; it is a short walk to shops, restaurants, a cinema, and parks
  • Public transportation is convenient to use; a commuter rail and bus stops are within walking distance
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Cherry St.png


Southeast Perspective.jpg
  • The new house is located on the north side of the site to maximize garden space
  • The outdoor space is useful space and is easily accessed from the interior of the house
  • Rainwater is captured and used for landscape irrigation and garden water features
  • Permeable paving is used to minimize stormwater run-off and replenish groundwater supply
  • Edible landscaping provides fresh food for much of the year
  • Windows are sized and positioned to provide good daylight and natural ventilation
  • The first floor has an open plan to facilitate natural ventilation